About ufoundmich.org

We are so glad you’re here!  This project is an expression of our deep love for Michelle, her passions, and the way in which she continues to inspire us.  

Where We Are, Phase 1: To start, we have created this website to honor Michelle, and highlight some of her favorite charities.  The site’s launch was timed to correspond with Michelle’s Celebration of Life, in hopes that in lieu of flowers or other gifts, friends might consider donating to one of these fantastic organizations in her name. 

Where We are Going, Phase II: Moving forward, we hope visitors to this site will spread beyond Michelle’s immediate family and friends.  Mich delighted in adventure and was so good at noticing “the little things,” so we thought it would be appropriate to find a fun and adventurous way to spread awareness of ufoundmich.org.  Some of Michelle’s friends painted rocks, including the website address on the back of each rock, and along with the help of those who attend her Celebration of Life, will hide those rocks for other adventurers to find.  When visiting this site, Mich Rock Finders (MRFs) will learn more about Mich, and her charities, and be prompted to share where they found their ufoundmich.org rocks. Use or search #ufoundmich on Instagram to follow these rocks’ adventures around the world! The activity in Phase II will shape and inform how we move into Phase III.

Where We are Going, Phase III:  Our ultimate vision is to become our own not-for-profit foundation, devoted to continuing Mich’s passion for making the world a better place.  Mich had a huge impact on the organizations she supported, and we are committed to continuing her legacy.  This idea is still in the early developmental stages, but the foundation’s general mission will be to spotlight charitable organizations doing important work aligned with Mich’s core values and match donations made to these organizations through links on this site.